Friday, January 21, 2005

:: still wurking....::

darn, still stuck at the project before i bid my final goodbyes (for now).

why must issues surface only at the very last minute - actually i could just leave as my consulting charges will stop at 6.00 pm, but what the heck, i thought it will be a last goodwill gesture.

::the work area that i was at throughout this project, not gonna miss it::

but i miss my previous work desk in my previous job.

marangkusheebye!can't wait to drive home and eat all the food that my mom has cooked for today....


TR said...

Huh? I must have missed something, you left your job and will now go travelling round the world or wot?

I must say my all-time fav airline is MH and BI, SQ serves the worst food (they are sooo over rated!)


aGent X said...

no trish, not leaving my job (although that is a really attractive right option now :))
i just left the project that i have been involved with.
as a business solutions consultant, i work on project-basis with various customers (and therefore 'types'..hee2.

yes, u are right, SIA is SOO overated.