Wednesday, January 12, 2005

:: bored ::

--cloudy and sunny whole day...view from the office window now--

damn, i am bored.

cannot imagine life without work and stress...hee2 :p

task completed for today:
- long lunch,
- desserts and people-watching at bugis junction.
- slow walk back to suntec city,
- leisurely toilet breaks
- remain indoors to enjoy the cool comfort in office
- suft the internet (read blogs and gadgets updates)
- organised my email folders neatly
- install nokia pc suite software
- took some pics from mobile phone


here i am.

could it be that i am a type 'A' - prone to heart-attacks,impatient, too fast and furious - that i am bored.

i should be grateful, actually.

1 comment:

TR said...

Dang you have a bloody nice view from your office. I'm drooling with envy. If you're bored how about going to the library? I can spend the entire day at the library.