Monday, January 24, 2005

::what a bummer::

not wurking today, to make up for the fact that i worked on MY public holiday last Friday.

slacking around with lots of food and watching jackie chan's DVD "the new police story".

still my mind needs to exercise today and discovered something from (from pc world) , so here's what i've learnt and to share with you...hope it is useful:

Every time you move or copy files from one folder to another, Windows checks the target folder for files that have the same names as those you are copying. If it finds a duplicate name, it asks whether you want to overwrite the file in the target folder.

When more than one file is selected, your choices are 'Yes' (overwrite just this file), 'Yes to All' (overwrite all files with matching names), 'No' (don't overwrite this file), and 'Cancel' (stop the whole process now). If you click 'Yes' or 'No', you will see the same prompt for each duplicate that Windows finds. If you're just resuming an interrupted download from a server, you can click 'Yes to All' to overwrite everything and save yourself some clicks. But this approach slows down the process as Windows overwrites files you downloaded previously. Why not just say 'No to All'?

Well, mainly because that button is missing.

Burak Gul of Eskisehir, Turkey, has the solution. To say 'No to All', simply hold down Shift as you click No. Windows will move or copy all files except those with duplicate names in the target folder. Note that if you move or copy folders as well as files, you still get at least one prompt for folders and another for files when duplicate names are found.

via J-Walk Blog

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