Sunday, January 16, 2005

:: to buy or not to buy ::

what a sunday!

we won the tiger cup and i had to rush the 'car window-shopping' in order to be home in time for the live match on TV.

speaking of which, my 'car-sell-buy analysis' has indicated that this is a good time to buy a new car as my loan instalment can be reduced, and get a new car at the same time.

the 2nd opinion and analysis made by the sales rep at tan chong motors also showed the same outcome.

but also, this means another loan, and longer loan repayment period.

you just can't win them all.

i have decided to sign the dotted lines after chinese new year - once i have decided which car to buy.

ps: at KIA (Paya Lebar Branch), the customer service and sales' staff proficiency in good english SUCKS BIG time!

from Automobile Association of Singapore
Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione - My Dream Car

Although the 8C's gorgeously stunning lines were inspired from Alfa Romeos from the 50s and 60s, the car's running gear has more in common with the present-day Maserati Coupé than anything else. The Maserati's 4.2-litre V8 and rear mounted gearbox have been tried and tested for the last two years in the 4200GT, but Alfa Romeo engineers have tuned the engine to be more powerful in the 8C. This car is almost certainly slated for production, but it may only be available in left hand drive, and thus, not for sale in Singapore

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