Saturday, January 15, 2005

:: friday man ::

yesterday, i worked - after being on the bench for the past 4 days.

well, at least i made half-day billable effort to the firm .

went to office 1st (post ERP hours), had quick lunch and off to the customer's office. being a news center and huncho of the publication business here, the building is huge. the security guard was an asshole and the receptionists' people skills could be improved though.

anyway, look at customer's issues, evaluated, analysed and solutioning recommendations.
it will cost them though....heee. all in a day's work :)

felt good that i left for home early, had a nap, watched beautiful boxer on dvd, dinner and left home to hang out with old buddies at arab street for shisha and drinks.

later, joined another friend at a bar for drinks and some dancin' ;)

reached home at 3.30am.

how i love friday.

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