Thursday, January 27, 2005

:: walky thursday::

i realised that many of us do not make it a point to walk - including yours truly.

so today, after work, i decided to walk to make up for the lack of exercise lately.

it was not that far (but my shiny leather work-shoes which make that 'commanding' sound with every step could have killed me)

my route was as follows:
- suntec city
- esplanade
- queen elizabeth walk (ie: by the singapore river)
- boat quay
- raffles place mrt station.

viola! and i discovered botero sculptures along the way.

::thank goodness for the mobile phone cam - altho' bad in quality::

AND LASTLY, not to mention, the perspiration throughout my body (luckily i didn't stink during the train ride home, someone actually fell asleep on my shoulders :$)


Cowboy Caleb said...

very nice pics

am amazed you decided to walk all the way, damn far leh

aGent X said...

it was not far...believe me :)