Tuesday, January 18, 2005

:: 1st lesson for 2005 (work category)::

bad things happened when one is away from work for *1 week*...

shit happens today...but i will not go into the details.

anyhow, it was a small issue but became something bigger due to email exchanges between the project manager and i as i guess he wanted to show that he has bigger balls.....
try-lah, see whose balls are bigger, KNNCB.

it affected me today: at lunch *usually cheery and nonsensical with my customers* and on the drive home *usually i will sing out loud or shake my head like having 'e-fixes'*.

my head felt heavy.

and i know the cause: it was not because of the problem that happened at work, it was because i was just an unrealistic perfectionist.

whoever expect that a project 'go-live' to be perfect is crazy, that's the 1st lesson for 2005 for me.

must learn to 'relak one corner, brudder'....so says the Mat.

can't sleep, change skin, what gives?

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