Wednesday, January 12, 2005

::the office::

:: I miss the office : watched 'em all and not sure if they will continue the series or not::

survived the train ride to work today, well, did not really get into the morning mad rush as I was leisurely late for work :p it went well, except that i took the longer route (had forgotten that there is a shorter way, but it meant that i had to made a train transfer).guess i was lazy to move my butt, since the longer route meant having a guaranteed seat. but not for long, as once we have reached yishun, it was packed to the max, and i had to give up my seat to an elder uncle who was nice enough to thank me and pat my shoulders.
shame to all those who pretended to sleep, and especially to a 'foreign talent couple' who sat at the seat meant for the aged, pregnant and disabled :p

anyhow, reached the office, set up my laptop to surf the net, had coffee with the boss at the food court in the basement. some work talk and he asked me about my plans. i asked him about HIS plans instead and said he may need some help for a regional roadmap for research and presentation, yada..yadaa.. anyhow, told him that i will be taking about 10days off-work starting from 1st Feb because i will be away on medical leave (!!?) for some minor ops (ie: wishful plastic surgery, hee2).
in the end, still not clear when can i start to be billable and be a whore again because the customers are still finalising their budget for the projects...whatever.

so, still not sure whether i will be in singapore, KL or bangkok.
or maybe to HK or Japan (for my own leisure, that is).

don't get me wrong, i love my job and my boss.

but i don't like being bored at work and not charging monies to anyone with every passing minute. just like those girls at geylang walking whole day/nite without any income.

but like they say, in consulting line, it happens.
there will be a lull period once a while.
and i guess, my time is now.

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