Monday, January 17, 2005

:: manic monday ::

i am tad lazy today and decided to wake up unfashionably late.

was at office just in time for lunch and preparing for my real work for the next few days,(with 'analysis' work on car shopping and holiday plans for 2005)...heee

weather is cloudy as seen from the office below (taken from my mobile cam)

**added entry**
today, i formally announce my allegiance to lush fm.

have been looking forward to it since their pre-launch tests over the airwaves and i am glad to say that this has been a permanent frequency while driving and showers ;)

one of the things that i could not stand with our local radio is that the deejays are so full of shit (ie: themselves) when all i ever wanted was to listen to good damn music. who gives a damn about their so-called-celebrity life and who they met - AS IFs!.

so to radio deejays out there - shut up and just play the music.

perhaps, on second thought, do away with deejays completely. it's becoming a passe occupation hazard, unless you have darm interesting personality like howard stern or rick dees .

how glamourous can a deejay be with a stage name that ends with a 'glamour'? duh...

i am glad that lush has only 2 deejays and they don't talk crap. radio ads were tastefully done and quick.

and best of all - it caters for listeners like me:
- sexy
- sensual
- smooth....hahaha.

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TR said...

I'm all for Lush, love it! My gripe is I can't quite get the station and I believe they have yet to have the listen while you surf thingie installed yet on their webbie.

One of the reasons why I don't listen to local radio is their never ending yakking (esp. the Malay radio stations).