Saturday, January 01, 2005

:: Happy 2005::

Concorde Hotel's No New Year Countdown Announcement

The devastation of the tsumani tragedy was something that I had tried to deny, or wish that it was all a mistake.

I decided to run away to Kuala Lumpur, maybe things will be more cheerful there. I left Singapore at 4.30 am and only to learn on the morning radio shows that the Malaysian government has cancelled all the New Year's Day Celebration planned for the night. NO fireworks, NO countdown. Deep inside, I was not really looking forward to celebrate the arrival of 2005, when so many of our brothers and sisters across tsunami-hit countries had suffered.

I was at Hard Rock Cafe when the clock striked 12 am. There was no counting down to 2005, just a minute's of silence when 2005 arrived. Michael Jackson's "Heal The World" soon was played. The mood was sombre and muted, with exception of some irritating party animals who cheered into the new year.

But I was glad. Glad to be safe and alive in the so sterile country of mine - Singapore. God has blessed us with a good geographical position, for now.

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