Tuesday, January 11, 2005

:: taxi-reality check::

I did not drive to work today.
Make that -> I drove today, but I also took the train to work (??)

You see, I took advantage of the Park and Ride scheme, whereby I drove my car to the nearest point, took the train to my office in town. All in the name of saving money from the expensive parking charges and ERP in town.

I will be in town for the whole of this week :(
And to drive to work is not cost effective, if your office happens to be in town.

How I miss the ERP and parking free at my customer's office - sans town area.

Anyhow, took a cab for an appointment later, and still, even at 4.30 pm, taxis here also pick and choose. Varied reasons given - change of shift lah, already got on-call booking lah, toilet-break lah...yada, yada yada.

I gave up on taxi, after today's experience.

So tomorrow, I will still try the train rides, but this time, without driving at all. See how it goes.

::Japanese taxis are also like the ones here - many only after midnite::


TR said...

No No No! You must always avoid trying to grab a cab around 4.30pm coz that's when they change shift. I go everywhere by cab, it drives the hubby nuts.

TR of the desperate housewife entry ;)

aGent X said...

Thanks Trish for the tip, need to be more taxi-savvy now. No, make that more public-transport savvy, took the longer train route today to work :(
Blimey silly, that's what happened when one has completed forgotten the bus/train routes after riding/driving for the past 10 years.