Sunday, January 02, 2005

:: KL's tsunami efforts ::

After all that depression from the terrible news lately, I just had to see how our northern brothers and sisters rallied in support to raise funds for the tsunami tragedies. Almost every private radio and television has some sort of fund-raising activities and/or awareness of the fund-raising exercise. At the predominantly Indonesian community at Chow Kit Road, KL, a very big banner "Aceh Tsunami Fund" was displayed and almost every shops around there have put up the donation boxes.
In Chinatown of Petaling Street, volunteers with their donation boxes were braving the hot and humid weather to ask for loose change to raise funds.

The local TV news showed the plight of the tsunami victims at Penang and Langkawi. Malaysians had rallied together, and Malaysia boleh! (can do!)

Let's us forget out love-hate squabbles for the meantime, both Singapore and Malaysia have shown to the world that they care and will do whatever it takes to help the tsunami victims.

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