Monday, December 27, 2004

:: beaches and tsunami ::

I used to gripe and bitch about how lousy Singapore beaches are.
No big waves, imported sands, non-horizon views and how dirty and polluted they can be.
Very much unlike the smooth sands and clear waters of our neighbouring countries in the beautiful tropical weather of South East Asia.

A usual lazy Sunday was spent surfing TV channels when I chanced upon ChannelNewsAsia's newsflash "Tidal waves hit Phuket", I thought it was no big deal, just another one of nature's occassional tempers.

But when I saw it as breaking news at BBC and CNN tv channels, it then strucked me on the magnitude of this tragedy. There was not much pictures to show then, just reports from the various correspondents about how a tsunami epicenter near Sumatra, Indonesia has caused havoc to many parts on Asia's shores.

ChannelNewsAsia still do not have much coverage on this tragedy at this point, only its normal Sunday programs. Whatever happens to the being the voice of Asia?.

When I woke up this morning, the devastation was clear - some 20,000 people were killed (at this point of writing).

I prayed for how lucky Singapore is geographically (big brothers Indonesia and Malaysia have shielded us from the quake) and for the resume of normal life to the people all over who were strucked by this tragecy the soonest possible.

::Patong beach of Phuket - In memoriam ::

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