Thursday, March 17, 2005

:: phuket, here i come...::

:: its been that long, huh...::

it has been almost 10 years since my last trip.

that was when i had my hair all long and wavy and bungee-jumped for the first time.

this time, it is me with the lesser hair and can't seemed to be excited anymore....equipped with only a cheap air-ticket, hell, i really do not have anything arranged.....>

with no plans whatsoever, i really do not know what will i do there....maybe i will return few books, sun-tan, eat, rent a motorbike, take pics and try not to think about work at all.

wish me luck people...see you!

ps: did i also mention that this is my annual birthday get-away? ;)


lancerlord said...

When you're there, you'll know how to unwind and there'll be things to do.

The main thing is, like what you've said, do not to think about work!

TR said...

Wish I'm in Phuket too. Anywhere but here :bawls:

I want to see pics!