Sunday, May 01, 2005

:: paris hilton's podcast!::

ala cheer-leader style hor...

"call me dense, thick and dumb
coz i ain't giving up paris...yeah...!!"

you know what, my favourite celeb now, paris hilton, has her own podcast too... :)

check it out, y'all... it also comes with cute background sound bites..

oh goodness, i am so like, you know, like, awe, and awesome, you, gawking at miss hilton, like, so surreal, so, like cool.

i really dig paris hilton!

she's everywhere and now, even on your headphones!


Fat Fingers said...

eeek never like her

lancerlord said...

You're a PH fan? Did u see her famous 'video'?

jettykey said...

I'm neutral about her, didn't find her irritating like Britney. Paris's pretty sexy i have to admit.

aGent X said...

FF - most of my lady friends feel the same way about her, but i adore her coz she is a media whore and a celebrity for the wrong reasons :)

lancerlord - you bet! wanna a copy? i think she deserve an adult oscar for best newcomer :)

anna - actually, i liked her for the wrong reasons..hahah

lancerlord said...

She's No 3 on FHM Top 100

The rest of the list if you're interested.

aGent X said...

lancerlord...thanks! WHAT? only no. 3? Angelina Jolene is having all the hype right now because of her dating Brat! Pitt and all....such media manipulator :P