Tuesday, July 24, 2007

:: working from home is so much productive ::

this picture is me, this morning, just woke up from bed @ 9.oo am, before shower, before breakfast....the shades are hiding my fresh-from-bed eyes.

i work from home today - i needed to be totally alone in order to focus completely on the tasks at hand for two projects which this week's deadline.

well, the real reason was i slept very late last night - about 3am, reading Khaled Hosseini's "A Thousand Splendid Suns", which is long overdue as i was supposed to finish them while i was back home in Singapore couple of weeks ago.

and also, because it was raining again - and i did not wish to cycle to work in the rain, or to take the tram. i'm getting really diva-like!

anyhow, i went start the application to exchange my Singapore driving license to the dutch one.

i went out during lunch (with nice and promising sunny weather ahead), took a ticket number, waited for one hour, bought the necessary forms (30 odd EU, which can buy me a rather decent summer t-shirt), fill it up AND still have to BUY your OWN STAMPS to post that forms (which was actually a questionnaire and a proof of resident).

it will take about 8 weeks for processing , then a letter will be sent to me. after that i have to send my photos, documents,Singapore driving license to exchange AND then, if i'm lucky in about 3 weeks, i will have my dutch driving license.

total time, 11 weeks (if i'm lucky), just to get a license which i will probably use only once and twice when i decide to rent a car for some long distance solo road trips to germany or france later on.

anyhow, i promise myself not to be a 'complain king' and complain and complain about the red-tape and bureaucracy here (i hate that singaporean stereotype, which is sad but true...heheh).

after completed those errands, went to KFC (tuesday is hot wings day!) and bought myself some hot wings, and then, heavy rain started, while i was cycling home. i also received an important call from work while (in the rain - while cycling), and i told them that i will return their call later.

my co-workers asked if everything is ok with me as i sounded like i'm panting and having sex....i said not yet, i was just warming up from cycling in the rain! :-P

anyhow, reached home totally wet (from the rain, not from the panting), changed my clothes (or lack of) - checked my work mails, return the conference calls and business as usual.

this is all in the comfort of just my underwear.

how i love working from home, don't you?


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