Monday, July 23, 2007

:: this pains me ::

as i read my niece's latest blog entry, i am deeply sadden.

Monday, July 09, 2007
9:45 PM

If God is ready to take my life, I want God to take my soul when I am sleeping.
I don't know. I just can't bear the pain. Try to be happy but failed.
I'm getting weaker

Lots of lovey dovey, Sofia

she has received my flowers and plush bear, and i hope will be recovering real soon from her surgery. i will continue praying and believing that she will be alright, real soon...

even though i do not have any children, my 13 nieces and nephews are all special for me. i saw them grew up from babies until young adults and i am proud of who they are becoming now - each with his/her own talents and each looking forward to become their own person in this world.

ps: working at home on a monday, on a gray and rainy day, makes this entry more 'blue' than i would have thought.