Sunday, July 29, 2007

:: t'was the day the camera broke ::

what was supposed to be a day of photo-taking at the Westland and Hoek Van Holland ended up with a disaster.

i broke my faithful camera, and it landed on the harsh and hard concrete just when i was about to get out from the car. it was terribly windy where we were and while i was adjusting my scarf and getting out of the car at the same time (bad mistake!), i lost grip of my camera and it fell and crashed.

:: the last photo just moments before it was flung far on the concrete ground ::

it was unfortunate as it was really a nice sunny day, albeit the strong winds and cloudy intervals.

:: no more display screen or the ability to take photo, RIP panasonic lumix FX9::

i have to wait until september/october when i return for my quarterly home trip, before i have a new one. until then, i guess my mobile phone will be the faithful substitute.

not sad - its only a camera,

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