Monday, July 09, 2007

:: finally A&F gave in ::

slight more than a year ago, they rejected my online order - apparently (then) my american address (and dollars) were not good enough for abercrombie & fitch.

i just tried my luck again and places the following orders (because i just love the worn-out vintage detailing and colours)

somehow, this time...they have changed their minds.

and my orders were promptly shipped as promised ;-)

and as usual, clothes always look so much better in catalogs than in actual product.

but i'm happy - just in time for the summer (which i hope will come really soon here).



Chin said...

Hi Ghaz,
How come you stopped the commenting service?
Did not meet you while in Netherlands and again missed you when you are in Singapore!

aGent X said...

Oh dear oh dear...u have my mobile, no?