Wednesday, July 25, 2007

:: do u need to swallow in order to be in ecstasy?::

"I only drink socially but I do drugs like a professional"
and so read the cheeky email signature of my canadian friend who works in a global drug federation.

my friends often asked me if i have taken any form of drugs since netherlands is well-know to be liberal and tolerant with its distribution and usage.

while it's easy to buy some good weed (or herbal stuff, like i like to call it), and the nearest one is just a short walk away - nevertheless, it does not stir the curiosity in me. that includes mushrooms, pills, coke..and what have, the answer is NO!

today, an acquaintance from work told me that he has just received his supplies of ecstasy - and at 2.50EU per pop, its not really cheap either. we spent a good part of the evening talking about this pill. i asked him about why these pills makes him to be in 'ecstasy', and his main reason was just for sexual pleasure. he even said that in some parties in amsterdam, you have to declare to the security guy if you are taking these pills, so that they know that you are having the 'good stuff' and not the fake ones. it's all in the interest of public health....hehe.

he went on to say that it's ok to have these pills (even though its illegal by law due to its clasification of hard drugs) as long as its for 'personal consumption' - maybe around 30 pills max? it is true? hell..i don't know.

anyhow, i know that ultimately he will try to interest me to try them. but he did warn me about the (im)possible reactions for 1st timers, which include jumping from the window, going on rampage and killing your own dog- mostly from eager tourists, who got a 'taste' of it here.

as a concerned friend, he also told me to find an appropriate place (own place preferably), and in stress-free state (after work, friday evening the best) in order to enjoy this 'pleasure'. when i asked him what should i do after that? his reply was : " to find some people for group sex, you will enjoy it!"

errr...with that note, i think i am no longer interested to get high and mighty!


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lancerlord said...

Ya better not try. You may end up "jumping from the window" to "find some people for group sex". :)