Wednesday, July 11, 2007

:: back in the lowlands ::

had a rather good flight from Singapore to Amsterdam in SQ324 - all the stereotypes about the local crews being only kind and polite to foreigners (ie: caucasians) are bollacks!

to be honest, i can't blame the SQ crew as most asians do not know how to say "thank you and please" and are bossy (even if they are a corporate whore and being bullied themselves at work). so, naturally the cabin crew formed such prejudices about the same kind about their passengers as well...hehe

assumptions and prejudices, you can't control them. luckily, i have a smiley face and that helps to get favours easily from the crew - and i am very courteous and polite by nature ;-)

i am so reliant for my 'jet-lag' pills for long-haul flight that it is scary, afraid that i will be over-dependent to them.

the weather from schipol to den haag was cloudy, i was too lazy to take the train that i decided to take the taxi instead.

bad choice, since the highway traffic was killing (expected since its morning peak rush).

once i arrived home, logon to office network and work from home (doing my unpacking and house chores at the same time).

i love the quality of work life here, but i do hate the idea of having to do the laundry, cooking and cleaning myself - spoilt brat!

tot ziens!