Wednesday, August 01, 2007

:: national day (singapore) celebration ::

this sunday is the singapore-netherlands-association 'NDP 2007" celebration - and as usual, 'don't pay money, don't talk...." mentality still persist.

after last year's event - i have decided not to attend
my classmate used to be the president of this association, but after he has been re-posted to china, i do not feel welcome in this club.

the current president works in the same organisation as me, we bumped into each other during lunch sometimes - but there was never a welcoming 'hello' or any cordial nods of acknowledgment. F**cking elitist wannabe!

i am tired of being nice, i sent a 'well done' and 'thank you' email after the last event, but there is still not 'let's have lunch at the canteen soon' ' (don't get me wrong, i have initiated that many times over!)

my purpose of joining this 'club' was simple: as an overseas singaporean, its nice to talk singlish and relish our idiotic quirks and 'culture', get to know people from home, gossips, chats, have fun!

there are other members who also worked in the same giant organisation as me, some are nice - others are ...let's just say that i would not be caught dead being near them (notwithstanding the bad fashion sense and personal hygiene).

the sad thing is that the nicer ones are the 'unwilling' party, they are in the netherlands because they are married to dutch man/woman, and are really trying to feel at home, with new family and friends. i noticed that the assholes are usually the 'expats' here, and as an expat myself, i am ashamed.

they hardly 'integrate' with the local norms and ways of life, and adopt that 'since i will be here only for x years, i don't need to be 'local'. all i can say is that they are missing of good life experiences and journeys of 'self' - just like tourists who are happy with snapping scenic photos instead of trying out local food and go beyond the travel guide books - the "5 minute been there, done that" attitude.

i dont' need any association to tell me of my roots and identity. i am proud to be a singaporean (but never to the extend to trying so hard to tell everyone that we are number one in this and that, too much SPH newspaper propaganda and mass media sh*t at home have totally been erased in my memory)

i am a singaporean many times over, i wore in this ridiculous 'singapore' tank-top all alone in the busy street of amsterdam - shouted 'singapore' when madonna asked the audience where are you from in her last concert, and wore this stupid 'nike red t-shirt' during our global workshop.

i know home where my heart is, always will and forever here!

but i am also proud to know the differences between ayaan hirsi ali and rita verdonk, frans bauer and jan smit, why toppers are so famous here, and 'yankees' is drived from the names of dutchmen Jan and Kees!

majulah singapura!

ps: i am not generalising that every overseas singaporean in the netherlands are an ass, but the little numbers and encounters that i had have almost made me to stereotype (which is bad!) apologies to those who are not, i owe you a hug :-)

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happyamsguy said...

I fully understand what you are saying. When I lived in Singapore, I only had one Dutch friend - most of the typical expats behaved like spoilt little kids. There they were in their company paid villas, having luxuries that they would never be able to afford at home, and still complaining non-stop about both the host country and the home country. Yawn.