Monday, August 06, 2007

:: i just miss the 90s supermodels ::

i spoke too soon, summer is playing her naughty games once more. it's rainy today, and i was caught on the way home from work :-(

while cycling - the ipod was playing "freedom by george michael" and my mind wondered back into the 90s... ah...those supermodels - how even high-waisted jeans looked so hot back then!ey were really great to look at in magazines, posters, advertisements, etc.

no size zero, no detox, no rehabs - just gorgeous girls making lots of money and having fun.

it's that simple, really!

wondering what yasmeen ghaurry is up to these days?

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Anonymous said...

The 90's was a better time. None of the bs music we have today, none of the stupid "reality" shows about smart little rich kids. It was just real. Fun and exciting. Like there was always something going on. Almost every musician came from Seattle. (:-) Yeah, the 90's was cool.