Thursday, June 14, 2007

:: i love my SG ::

i may appear to be somewhat a "SG basher" lately (see neighbour and iGallop entries below). but trust me - i am not.

in fact, today - the last day of team workshops with folks from diverse nationalities, i do wear "Sin-Ga-Pore' t-shirt from Nike.

:: in bold 'red' some more... ::

and just because i do not blog about a nice warm feeling when i see something remotely singapore (which is very rare, honestly) does not mean that i am not fond of my country of birth.

i am just not-so-happy about the 'mis-placed pride' that many singaporeans are so guilty of. you know the same old-stories "best airport-one of the richest in asia-highest gdp-best place for expats" yada, yada .... which made us somewhat arrogant and big-headed in many aspects.
but really, when you are just a 'dot' in the map reality, nobody gives a sH*t".

to be honest, many europeans are more aware of our neighbouring countries (malaysia, indonesia and thailand) than us. many dutch have bluntly told me that singapore is never holiday destination for them, as we are not even 'asian' at all and when they asked me which place is a 'real asia', i always told them there is 'no such thing' as asia is so diverse and not so-close together like europe, africa and south americas.

so, i am happy when i see a-certain ms chong big poster in IKEA campus in netherlands....enjoy

so shiok!

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