Wednesday, August 08, 2007

:: once a kiasu, always a kiasu* ::

i am glad that i made the right decision of not attending the national day luncheon last weekend.

this email (left) which the association sent last night has proven some of my doubts about the pathetic behaviours of some singaporeans here - which are so shameful that i think that they need to be punished and sent for re-education program ala the north korean communist way.

"...people complaining about the contents in the (goodie) bag instead of being appreciative, and to see some guests nicking extra goodies on their way out thinking nobody saw.."

kiasu. kiasi. forever discontented and ungrateful shameless singaporeans. by forever complaining about everything will make you a better person in the world? by stealing extra goodies that will make you rich? f**king hell... stop these incivility for goodness sake, you will be a much better person spiritually and morally, believe me.

however, kudos are also in order for the fellow singaporeans which i am proud of - who tried to create a sense of kinship among us who are living in this foreign low land of dykes and windmills.

like that being said, it's no wonder i do not miss the 'singaporean-ness' at all while i am here,

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