Wednesday, August 01, 2007

:: never been sick, till now ::

for the first time in two years, i am sick in the Netherlands.
i blame it on late nights (3.00am) reading khaled hosseini's "a thousand splendid suns" for the past few days. and also the lack of exercise (i have a gym membership here but have not been to it, except once!) and basically the weather (i was mislead by the sunny sun and only wore a suit to work yesterday, only to realise how chilly it was!).

the medicines to relieve my cough and fever were making me terribly drowsy, and i hit the sack at 8.00 pm last night and had a rather blissful, while even so i am wide awake now, i have decided to work from home today. i am simply refusing to get dressed and go out of the house - maybe i should go to the gym and enjoy its sauna/steam-bath, and to exercise - when the time is right :-)

this summer has not been making me sweat, yet!

cruel summer,

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