Thursday, August 09, 2007

:: thank god for NDP live webcast ::

my most favourite part of the NDP is always the march pass.

i could not remember how many times i had witness the parade 'live' as a spectator (during my school days), as a participant (during NS),and as an official (also during NS). this was before the good-old-days when the main reason for not going to the parade is to get the goodie bags and staying overnight just to get the tickets!

the other favourite part is when everyone stood up and sing the national anthem, it always make my heart swell especially since i would be wearing my smart and starched police uniform for the NS duties and standing at full attention with a salute in place.

i would always sing the national anthem loud and proud - the same gusto is also with the national pledge.

but this year, i have to watch it from home (deliberately working from home today) - far away in the cloudy and wet Dutch weather. no holidays, no fireworks, no nasi lemak - just a singaporean son celebrating from afar.

but its ok - it's good to know that the weather back home is perfect for her glorious birthday today.

i heart SG,

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