Tuesday, August 07, 2007

:: this settles my trip home date ::

bebel gilberto is (one of) my favourite artiste ever!
since i missed her live concert in amsterdam's paradiso on 6th June 2007, i thought i would miss her concert for good (at least for this year anyway).

until this email from sistic!i have booked a ticket for myself, but had to hold it as i would very much prefer to go with any of my friends (back in SG) who would like to join me.

with this in mind, i have my booked my flight home just to be in time for her concert - and of course, for hari raya aidilfitri celebration back home.

see you singapore..in october!


Chin said...

I will join you and Lynn too unless what you really meant was with a gal friend :)
Email me and let me know.

aGent X said...

Thanks Chin! I'll email u the details... :-)