Wednesday, August 22, 2007

:: agentX does cat-sitting ::

do you remember my neighbour's cleverest cats - the ones that pee/poop using the toilet?

i am honoured to be given the keys to their apartment to help them to 'cat-sit' while they are away on a holiday in the UK.

i do not know which one is more gracious - to be trusted with a house key (heck, i have only met them once for tea!) while they are away....or to be given a chance to play and look after their cats (knowing that i have a cat, sumoki, myself).

nevertheless, it was a wonderful evening routine (prior to dinner) that i will pay them a visit ...feed them, flush the toilets, play with them, and cuddle and pet them.

so when a story of how a cat was killed and dismembered back home, it really disturbed me and made me all emotional.

in this instance - i am touched by the human kindness (my neighbour's - for their trust in allowing me with their house keys) and the warmth and joy that only pets can share. nothing can beat the feeling of having to pet and play with these lovely creatures...

love all,

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