Thursday, March 31, 2005

:: world expo 2005, aichi, japan ::

** update **

the japanese prime minister 'wins expo bento battle"

Average families scored a win Thursday as Aichi World Expo organizers will bow to pressure from Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and allow visitors to bring in hand-made bento lunches, according to the premier's mail magazine.Koizumi's mail magazine said that he expected The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition Aichi to announce changes to a highly criticized policy that has outlawed expo visitors from bringing in bento lunches and canned and bottled drinks.



how i wish i could visit the world expo that is currently going on in Aichi, Japan.

Singapore has boasted that our pavilion is the biggest and located at the prime location among its Asian friends.

Important global leaders are said to be paying the expo a visit and it was also featured in last weekend's edition of the Straits Times and Sunday Times - among the story, how a Singaporean couple has booked a holiday to visit the expo because it would be like 'visiting all over the world' in one location.

The key features of the Singapore pavilion are spelt out as follows:

Spanning 972 square metres, Singapore’s Pavilion is designed based on the theme “World Without Walls”. Visitors to the Pavilion will get a ‘sneak preview’ of Singapore and experience its colourful sights and sounds, its multi-faceted cultures and beauty through multi-sensory and interactive displays and exhibits, as well as personal accounts of Singaporeans, and Japanese who have worked or lived in Singapore.

its mascots are the ever-cutesy japanese kind as shown below:

but, you may ask, what is the point of this post?

just read yuki's post and facts about the aichi expo...and you will only swallow your own saliva, because the gist is...going to the loo will cost you 600 yen (SG$9.24)!

4600 yen for entry fee.
1 hour to get in linear motor car.
1 hour to get in the site.
Ropeway for transportation within the site is charged.
3000 people max for pavillion.
NPO rents out bicycles because transportation methods are too crowded.
Bringing food is not allowed.
Bringing snacks is allowed.
600 yen for using the toilet.
600 yen for drinking water.
600 yen for Coca-cola.
3000 yen for Japanese style lunch.
1000 yen for pasta.
1000 yen for curry rice.
13000 yen for a course dinner..
450000 people were calculated to come in the first three days, but only 150000 cam
by the way, yuki is also a great photographer and artist.

and our STPB officials there at the expo, they better have a good time and promoting the ever ailing tourist industry here, talk about the impending casino leh...

still intend of going? you can book your tickets online here


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