Friday, March 04, 2005

:: fire, fire burn so high...KNNCCB::

the sun is angry again, it is way too hot, even if it is indoors.

sitting by those big glass windows does not help either - other than preventing the glare, it is still useless to cut down the sunbeams.

in days like this, being hot...and FRIDAY, one can't help but wonder - "how to 'eat snake'' ...blame the weather for being the catalyst.

so today, jalan-jalan at the now-empty Marina Square (with exception of the food court and restaurants) for long (in term of hours) and filling lunch.

the view from the food court is superb (especially if you are a smoker as it has an outdoor 'facility' for you to smoke, with good ashtrays...thank you very much).

next, after much bleching and burping after lunch, its time to check out the swimming pool near the office @ suntec city, just in case if i decide to take a quick dip on other days like this...

well, it is a rather clinical swimming pool and tennis courts, but can't blame it either as who wants to 'recreate' near one's office.

ok ok, i promise no more gloating about how lazy i have been for the past few weeks, as from next week onwards, i will be damn least for a week.. ;)


Ah 9 said...

suntec got swimming pool one ah? *suaku*

Cowboy Caleb said...

hey you hilang already ah.

so long never post.