Monday, March 28, 2005

:: 19-year-old Singaporean girl launches debut album in Japan::

this girl is doing what i have been dreaming to do, that is, to be come a pop star in Japan...hahaha.

i have always dreamt that i could be a big star in Japan, dont care if as a singer or actor, or lagi best, both!

SINGAPORE : A Singaporean is set to make a splash on the global music scene.

Olivia Ong, 19, released her debut album to rave reviews across Japan this week.
"Girl meets Bossa Nova" is the title of Olivia's debut album which was launched after one-and-a-half years of hard work. The talented singer was spotted by a Japanese record company at a singing competition in Singapore when she was 15.


You can listen to her debut album samples and watch her promo MTV here, and I must say that with Bossa Nova as one of my favourite music genre, she has clear and innocent girly voices that reminded me of Keiko Matsuda.

I am looking forward for her album release here in June, and I wish her the best to be a big star not only in Japan, but all over the world...


lancerlord said...


This link mentioned that she sang the National Anthem in the World Cup qualifyings last year.

aGent X said...

so..SHE is the one, i thought it was some Singaporean girl who lived in Japan and doing it voluntarily :)