Wednesday, March 30, 2005

:: tax returns is due soon, u know...::

have y'all file your income tax yet? or in tech-geek speak...eFile yet?

and they also got mediacorp real-life husband and wife artists to promote it on the telly...what's his name? i only know Pan Ling Ling, especially when I had a huge crush on her many years ago...

i have not, but the updated myTax portal looks simple enough really, especially when my employer does not have the auto-inclusion of the earnings....darn!

tried all means to see if i could get more rebates/relief/benefits to try/not to...or at least, pay minimal tax possible....sigh! but u know them, always got conditions and 'eligibility' terms.

anyhow, i do like the tax death angel's sense of humour the tagline:


Anonymous said...

I refuse to efile as an ongoing ineffectual protest against the retrenchment of IRAS staff after the rightsizing program.

That and there are no discounts for an electronic filing, or penalty for a paper filing. Why should I make it easier for IRAS to take my tax money?

Cowboy Caleb said...

file liao

no tax rebates for me at all. So it's a no brainer

aGent X said...

anonymous --> i guess it is a valid argument, i too, will wait for my parking fines to accumulate until i got a final warning (else go to court), before i make the payment. but there's no reversal mechanism now since i've e-filed for the past few years already.

caleb --> oh yeah hor, you are not an NSman nor supporting your parents/grandparents here :)