Thursday, March 03, 2005

:: mind blank ::

didn't go to work, watched Oprah, reading a book.

and dozing off......zzzzz.

damn - i am getting lazy.

ps: but i am doing a good thing today, going to send my mom for her medical appointment later...see... filial guys still exist ;)


caleb said...

basket nevr goto work and gloat about it!!

arrhghghggh I wanna go home and relaks too.

Ah 9 said...

is that firefox? layout's different from mine...heheh

aGent X said...

--> caleb : u think it's all play and no work...well, actually it is, for today at least

--> ah9 : yes, me using firefox, should do something to tweak it for the IE browser..thanks.

Mandrake said...

hey, sorry about the account. I was too busy to set it up. Will get it done over the weekend, k?