Tuesday, March 22, 2005

:: phuket 101 ::

as promised, here are some pics of the trip...so much has changed since my last visit in 1995.

my highlights of the trip are as follows:

1. daily beaching

1st day - patong beach

2nd day - karon beach

3rd day - katathani beach

needless to say, i'm all burnt all over

2. transport mode
i am happy that i have a motorcycle licence, which mean that fo 150 baht daily, i could rent one and explore the whole island...with some fear but without prejudice.

:: my ride and me - fierce huh? ::

i have been slapped with a fine on my 2nd nite for failing to produce a licence (blame me for giving the rental shop the license instead of my work pass instead...heheh).

:: the slap-bitch fine and off to the police station::

it was cumbersome, i was thought to be a thai (always the case) and then, saw many others who quickly ran away when the saw the cop at the road blocks....the thai guy caughted after me was also caught with some pills and condoms..hahah, but he is only charged with the same offence as me :)

u have to make your way to the police station, pay your fine on-the-spot and then return to collect your bike.....i think what will happen in our traffic police should impose such procedure.

3. friday prayer

i was lucky to change the mosque in phuket, historically it has been rather predominantly chinese and muslim thai (so i read in the guide). they have many from indian origin...that's why the popular street is known as soi bangla :)

::and you thought banglas are only in Serangoon Road::

4. drink kakis
i was lucky to meet up with 2 thai guys in one of the stop-overs (to see the view from the hill) who had offered me to drink with them.

:: the europeans love phuket for its cheap drinks...so i was told by a dutch couple::
another drink companion was in the same table at a pub....we had reverse cocktail (Phuket Paradise for me and Singapore Sling for the thai...)

5. food
many posh restaurants and establishments offered discounts (up to 40%) due to the recent tsunami tragedy, which i had some western and japanese fares for dinners.
but my favourite daily staples, without any doubts, are tom yam soup and thai salad...yummy...

6. the tsunami aftermath.
the thai government tried its best to downplay the tragedy in order to maintain its tourism. this is practical and noble...nobody wanted to talk about it much, but everybody had somewhat felt and remembered them in their hearts, i'm sure....

:: tragedy sites near to the popular tourist spots are 'hidden' as construction or renovation, but things are not so easily 'covered up' in the outer parts of the island::

7.....lastly, the night entertainment.
i went to a club with live band with good singers and strong band (discount the raunchy and saucy outfits), these girls are really that good. they sang ska, hip hop, rock, techno and r&b...what else could you ask for?

:: bad quality pics as no cameras allowed and who will bring a digi-cam to take nite photos anyways....so the mobile did the job ::

there is also a place for those who are still active after 3 am to rock-climb and eat and be merry, it's called the safari, and it is by the cliff which i had incidentally fall from my bike in my 'happy stupor'...so paiseh...but thais and tourists were ever helpful and spoke thai to me....heheheh..

who cares actually, i'm happy :)

to sum up my yet-again solo trip : FANTASTIC., but it will take me at least another year to go for a beach resort holiday...as i am still into city holidays ;)


Ah 9 said...

nice series of photos~!

lancerlord said...

You got see Miss Phuket or not?


aGent X said...

ah 9 - thanks, still learning a lot from you :)

lancerlord - i was hoping to see her...hope she is ok, but i saw many she-male equivalents..hehehe