Thursday, March 10, 2005


the agentX's theory of blog-thargy is as follows:

  • more time idling at work = more time of blog entries.
  • more time really working at work = zero time of blog entries...
so that's why, lah, that i have not been writing anything at all for the past few days.

so cowboy..u can say that i am disappearing, lah, but only for a while.

but then, actually got so many things to blog before i forget, i will list them here first lah...then cow-bey-cow-boo later... hehehe...

1) waking up on someone's bed last sunday morning, only to figure out that i had passed out on saturday night. with bruises on my armpit and right shin.
2) being involved (professionally) with a colleague from US offfice, who insisted that he is not american, but a texan.
3) having lots of free lunches and dinner parties with the client of the new project, and their guests from their overseas offices (all the different 13 nationalities) - the stereotypes, stupiditiy and the americanisation of agentX.
4) the government service notice to inform me of my IPPT next week.
5) and lastly, the crazy IT show which started today...and did not know why i had to go there twice...and, making me very tempted for this MP3 player just launched by SONY.


lancerlord said...

Quick! Start cow-bey-ing on point 1. Like to hear what happened.

Ah 9 said...

yup...i guess that's the most interesting of the four...hehehe