Wednesday, March 16, 2005

:: tele-commute (and all that in between) ::

finally, the Boss emailed that he is ok with the fact that i could stay at home to complete my white papers for a client (which is due end of this month) - like he can read my mind, since i never actually asked his permission.

already, it's been 3 days since i did not turn up in the office, where else do they expect me to be?

anyhow, i missed my IPPT this morning because of the persistent cough, but this is the 1st time that i miss the all-important-physical-tests for NSman like me. i am very fit, let me tell ya -- never failed a single IPPT and my worst medal is Silver (ie: 200 bucks).

after reporting to my station with the doctor's letter to exempt me for any form of stupid physical tests for 14 days, i decided to go car-shopping at Ubi. i thought with the recent interest hike and the COE increase, which will, of course, mean a higher car prices - the car showrooms will be empty.

and i am right, so i took full advantage to test drive these 2 cars :

  1. Nissan Latio (hmm....i like the kinky name)
  2. Toyota Altis
i will not get technical and all-knowing car reivews, but all i can say is that (1) is a very good drive and class (that's from me being a gadget geek) , but the high price really is a turn-off.
(2) can do the job of getting point a to b - nothing fanciful but luxurious enough, just the kind of car that average joe will love, especially if they are a family man.

i had lunch with my uni friend (who coincidentally works at Toyota), and he advised me that this is not really a good time to buy a car (hint..hint...) it's a waiting game for this year's COE quota.

blazing through the scorching sun at the highway, i reached home safe and sound, and try to do some work but the pace was slow.

it seemed that the people from other parts of the world (ie: US, Australia and Middle East) and Malaysia do not respond to emails pretty quickly, guess i will wait till tomorrow to remind them that the deadline is this Friday people....

after the official work has ended at 6pm, i decided to bring my mom along to my sis' for chats and drinks...then, it was back sweet home for dinner and fooling around with the tv remote.

so much of tele-commuting, who came up with this term anyway?

ps: lancerlord and Ah9 -- the story of 2 saturdays ago will have to wait....pending clearance from the censor board ;)

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