Friday, May 27, 2005

::a blogger's death - a wake up call::

ng sek man was a 18 year old freshman from queens college and a migrant from hongkong.

he was also a blogger.

sadly, both his sister, sharon and him were brutally murdered in their home in queens, ny, by an unknown assailant.

fortunately, the police were able to apprehend the suspect, based on his last entry in his blog.

it pains me when i had to write about him in past tense.

i do not know this young man, or have read his blog before. but upon his demise, many of our online community have expressed their condolences and pray for this soul.

there are too many faceless bloggers out there, but it will only take such a chilling event like this for us to realise that beneath every blog, there is a precious person and soul that will be greatly missed, especially if terrible circumstances are to happen to them.

as such, i will continue not to react to any 'blog-flame' and judge anyone based on what they blog about. even though their blog may imply that they are perhaps a real "a-hole' in real-life, until i have step into their shoes or at least get to know them better over a cuppa.

so i could understand xiaxue's or trisha ratna's frustrations because people do not know them at all, yet, they are writing nasty stuff towards them.


and rip, sek man...

photo credits: special/krystle fleming

thanks to kevin lim for the link


Wabbit said...

Geez...That's very sad..:(
He is so young, bright future and all!! So a blog is really very useful!! I hope nobody i blog about (negatively) turns up dead, if not i'm gonna become wabbit soup!

SooHK said...

That sad....real sad...may he rest in peace...