Monday, May 30, 2005

:: chain, chain..chain...::

if you happened to drive pass PIE towards Jurong (near Stevens Road exit) during the mad evening rush hour, you will probably see 5 vehicles stranded on the road shoulder. and depending on your timing, you may come across an ambulance, towing vehicle and a traffic police car too.

well, yours truly agentX was one of those involved in that accident :) and you must thank me for asking all the other vehicles to move to the road shoulder in order to ease up the ever-building road congestion and stop 'ka-beh-cow-boo" in the middle of the road.

it became a traffic police case since one of the passengers in the taxi was a pregnant woman, and maybe due to shock, she felt that she needed an ambulance just to be doubly sure that everything is ok.

and i say, rightfully so (we all know how much efforts the government need to ask all of us to have babies!) well, the ambulance took her away to the hospital to make sure she's ok.

all 5 drivers (4 cars and 1 motorcycle) have to be questioned by the traffic police for their story and we were 'withheld' until the investigating officer is satisfied that all is in order before we are all allowed to be 'towed' away, (even though i could have driven off my car with all that dent in the rear bumper)

the cause of accident was simple. a motorcycle infront of me had put on an emergency brake, as the car in front of him did the same (but that car sped off anyhow afterwards). so, being a considerate drive, i was able to slow down and stop since i have reasonable distance between my car and his motorbike. the car behind me also did the same since he too had some distance to stop. alas, two taxis behind his car were unable to stop in time, thus causing the chain-collision.

fortunately, i was able to step on my brakes which have prevented me from knocking the already-shaken motorist. only his rear license plate was dented while my front bumper just had few scratches. we both decided not to put on any claims between us (since i guess he was lucky to be alive, while i really could not be bothered with few scratches on bumper).

i guess i am too immune with road accidents now, this is my 3rd within the past a year and a half. so, i am not panicked at all.

what really suprised me was the ever-efficiency of the towing vehicle company and car workshops who are willing to act on your behalf for the claims (they even arrive earlier than the traffic police). i had my car towed away nicely, put up a police report, get a replacement car...all within 45 minutes.

i guess my car could have sense it (as i had actually planned to scrap it and replace with another car by end of june), as this is our third accident together.

to my baby...i'm sorry, but its time to move on. our 'incidents' together are forever cherished here and here...this has been a 3rd time unlucky.

now, i just wait for my baby to be restored, before giving her the befitting farewell at the junkyard soon....**teary eyes**

:: 4Ds are being banned here as aGentX is anti-gaming::


Wabbit said...

i abhor driving in Singapore...the drivers are always so grumpy, whiny and inconsiderate!! 5, tat must be quite a jam! you would have been in their daily curses had u not redeemed urself by ur temporary traffic police stint.

aGent X said...

yes, it's no fun driving here...

you should see me in action diverting traffic during peak hours, with all that business shirt and work pants :)

there wasn't any jam, at least not for 2 minutes, but even we were all at the road shoulder, many vehicles slowed down to see and perhaps take a look at our licence plate numbers :D

Casual Chin said...

The important thing is that you are alright. Alhamdulillah (translate this for me okay?).

However, the most important thing is I am not anti-gaming. How about giving your friend here the numbers. Hee.

aGent X said...

chin - alhamdulilah means "praise to the almighty" or "thank god" in short :) numbers for you since its pending investigation for the insurance claims...but, ok, i give you one...9637, happy gambler?

ahmad said...

Good thing you escaped with (only) a scratch bro. Sometimes driving carefully is no guarantee against accidents as long as those bloody taxi drivers drive as if they own the whole road...