Monday, May 30, 2005

:: good luck, miss sinGAHpore::

tomorrow is miss universe day!, with live telecast from bangkok, thailand on the telly at 9.00 am (should i go to work late, i wonder?)

i have always been an 'old hand' from being a couch potato judge while watching this event. somehow, i could sense is that miss america will be in the semi-finals, at least, same with miss thailand. it is just the protocol, but perhaps, these 2 beauties are really worth the top 10 spot.

it is just the same old event, but somehow, it's addictive to me -- just like who the media-whore paris hilton who has the same effect on me :)

can miss singapore make it? i shall not comment on it, but i am totally embarassed by the 'national costume' that she is wearing for the pagent. it is sari-influenced all right, but to look like a peacock? since when being a cock is a national one, other than talking cock that is....

:: since when does a singaporean wear a national costume like that?::

as diplomatic as ever, my prediction is that among our asean neighbours, miss indonesia and miss thailand might secure a place in the semi-finals, at least.

miss singapore? comment.

compare and contrast. and you will be your own judge :)

:: miss thailand - chananporn rosjan (23) , what a sexy name too :D::

:: miss indonesian - artika sari devi (25), considering this is their first time participating::

:: miss singapore - cheryl tay (24), but she's a vet ok! i love animals too::

somehow, i reckon that my future wife will look like miss indonesia somehow. it's like deja-vu when i was looking at her pics :)

ps: good luck, cheryl! and till i see you again, artika sari!


JellyGirl said...

You're right, that head-dress has got to go. The outfit in itself is quite ok, definitely an improvement from other years. Much as I enjoy looking at all the outfits in Miss Universe, I've had to stop watching because Miss S'pore always makes me cringe.

aGent X said...

jellygirl - it's tough being miss singapore i reckon, especially when the other competitors are deadly gorgeous without having to look like a peacock...:)

ahmad said... about a head full of (pea)cock hair...

The Big Kahuna said...

I like this particular Miss Singapore Universe. She has a fresh faced Singaporean girl look to her. What abs!

The Legal Janitor said...

Miss Singapore reps have always suffered from a 'curve deficit', and this year's is no exception, abs notwithstanding.

In fact her abs make her look quite mannish, when you take into account her entire look.

Zen|th said...

I already watched the Miss Universe here and Miss Mexico is my favourite. =)

Anonymous said...

Thailand - big boobs
Indonesia - medium boobs
Singapore - errr no boobs

ok make your choice