Tuesday, May 24, 2005

:: down but not out::

i have been suffering from blog-lethargy over the last long weekend, simply because my state of mind was not good and it was no thanks to work issues.

i shall not dwell about it lest i should read about this entry once more and starting to feel shitty all over again.

but the last straw came when i received an sms at 1.32am on the wee hours on sunday- asking me to fix a certain work problem asap as it was all important....and that, as i was having my happy hours and feeling very happy on my night out in town! that alone has triggered my man-bitch alarm ringing and i returned the call to my 'project manager' co-worker only to yell and hurl my piss at him. of course, while trying to show to my boss that he has worked long hours over the weekend (because he was too unproductive and effective to begin with), he started a trigger of nasty emails. i had played it cooled and remained objective throughout as i am mentally drained with all these childish nonsense. and the work problem wasn't a problem at all, just because that stupid idiot has clicked the wrong button...dumb ass...

to cut the story short, today, i went to see the boss to give him the ultimatum - it's either him or me for this project as i do not wish to suffer any fools at all (a good hint to him). so, the boss decided for us to be divorced and never to work again in any other projects again...ever! so, i had to hold out my resume for a while and see how things go and will celebrate this joyous occassion this weekend with my 'thirsty buddies'.

but i have wished that my boss is donald trump so that he could say to the 'project manager', you are fired! because i am sure to have a strong case against that guy since my other colleague is also pissed with him big time as he has made her cry over the project....working life is a bitch!


jettykey said...

Playing apprentice?

That's the way it goes... with unproductive co-worker.

Wabbit said...

As George (Triump's right-hand man) says: sometimes we will have to work with people we are not too thrilled about, but the challenge is to perform regardless. or somewhere along those lines lah, i cant remember (oh wait, i must tell u, the apprentice in Melbourne is much more advanced than the one in S'pore so u probably have not seen tat episode yet.) It's frustrating to deal with such people...forget them, they're everywhere.... :)

ahmad said...

Cheer up bro...don't let PMS (Project Manager Syndrome) get u down. ;)

aGent X said...

case resolved: we are divorced and now he is transparent to me, i will acknowledge a fly than him :D