Sunday, May 15, 2005

:: hit me baby one more time ::

my lazy sunday is jolted by cowboy caleb's "thou hast been tomorroweth".

this adds to the ever-mysterious person of caleb...but who knows, we might have crossed path during our secret agent missions. ;P

yes, yours truly have been 'tomorroweth', which means no sarong and tank top for today.

coincidentally, in sunday times today (i only buy the papers on weekends), there is an article for the re-education of bloggers aptly titled "blog no evil", sorry no online link as el-cheapo here didn't pay to that online paper....

and i better watch what i write, lest i 'kena' labelled as whinning singaporean men (read the printed copy of sunday times , since i don't wanna kena sued by just writing that person's name :D)

peace. out!


ahmad said...

yo congrats on being tomorroweth!!

Wabbit said...

Gee, watever happened to freedom of blog (i mean speech)