Thursday, May 26, 2005

:: live it ::

woke up with a terrible dry throat, loose bowel and too tired to work.

visited my doctor, given one day's medical leave and sent mom to the dentist.

and was able to watch the american idol 'live' in the process.

this is life, this is the post.

there are some things money can't buy.
for everything else, you will only need a MC (medical certificate).

::gimme mc anytime :P::


Ah 9 said...

get well soon!

SooHK said...

Good one.. MC...I have been averaging at least once month since early this year...hahaha..not that I wants it but what to do..

Wabbit said...

Wah, so filial..sick still bring mum to dentist..good on ya! rest well...before u know it, it's back to work....

aGent X said...

ah9 - thanks, need to get well asap is weekend is damn near :D

soohk - that's QWL (quality work life)..haha

wabbit - yes, back to work now, but its TGIF :D