Tuesday, May 31, 2005

:: miss universe : aftermath::

as (bad)luck would have it, i fell ill today, and thus was able to watch the pageant 'live' from bangkok.

and i didn't know that i have been 'tomorrow'ed' for the last entry, all thanks to cowboy caleb.

so my 'predictions' were not correct, but pretty close enough.

miss usa did get into the semi-finals, but not miss thailand. and hey, guess what, they got miss norway instead to be in the semis, as she is half-thai. i reckon that will please the home crowd.

and to the delight of the home crowd (again!), miss thai walked away with the national costume award (altho' it was wrongly displayed as miss panama in the website).

:: now, that is what i call a national costume, uniquely thai::

and miss indonesia, got into the semis too. way to go, artika sari! it's 1st time lucky for indonesia, eh!

and our beautiful miss philippines won the deservedly miss photogenic award.

our asean neighbours did well in this pagent, and i hate to think it's because of the location of the competition (i won't! its not kelong, ok). and they got a tough and overly critical 'queen' (ie: Carson Kressley) judge to deal with, so the decision of this pagent, i respect man!

in the top 5, 4 of them are from latin america, that in itself speak of the stereotype trend in this pageant. but hey, who dares to dispute that? a sailor friend once told me that in latin america, 7 out of 10 women are a stunner, i wonder if he is telling the truth or not, as i am a dreamer, i like to fantasize it as the truth :).

and poor miss peru, she almost fell while doing her "over-the-top" catwalk in the swimwear during the semis, guess too much 'gelek' will get your hip and heel twisted.

but the eventual winner is indeed, a dark horse, as she is the only non-latin girl standing. my congrats to miss canada!

:: oh thank you...thank you all, i love you...world peace::

and miss singapore? she did well enough to represent us, but too bad, only on video clip and brief walk though.

maybe our next 'queen' will be one of the 'chio bus' in the blogsphere, i can provide you tips on how to ace that interview, if you want :) and no world peace in the sentences either...


SooHK said...

Miss thailand wins is quite controvesial....now the thai people are talking about it...for the past few days.

echa said...

cute miss canada :D sad that miss indonesia didn't win. But she's not that cute at all hehe ...

and geehh .... missuniverse.com has to change its host, i had to refresh all the time coz I got "page not found" XD

the blog url has changed

aGent X said...

soohk - too bad because i think she is really beautiful :)

echa - maybe too many busybodies like me that jam up their website :) yes, thanks, updated your blog url too...

ahmad said...

miss indonesia: woo woo!!!

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