Tuesday, June 28, 2005

:: 6 more days to go ::

there are numerous errands that i need to do before my departure this sunday.

and driving around with the virginal aGentX-mobil really does not help - as the more enjoyable i am enjoying this new toy, the shorter time that i have left to spend with it.

today, i spent my time doing 'banking stuff', you know to apply for inbound/outbound inter-banking facilities (not because i have much money, but because of lots of debts rather :))). no more issuing of cheques, an activity which i enjoyed really, because of the challenge for me to get my signature to be consistently the same each time.

BUT most important errant today, is to send my feline, sumoki, for his annual vaccination at the animal clinic

other than the overall medical check up, i also told the vet about sumoki's 'male pattern baldness' around his tail area. the vet then suggested a hormonal theraphy and give few tablets as oral medication with a return check-up and review a month later.

as time does not permit me to send sumoki one months' later (no, i cannot outsource this task), i decided not to pursue this treatment further. the pills will have to wait.

not only because of my absense, but also because of the side-effects that might happened as a result of the hormonal theraphy. he may end up depressed and having symptoms of morning sickness such as vomitting (heee...) and if that should happen, i must send him to the clinic pronto!

so, looks like he has to wait for my return, hopefully 3 months later, and then, we will continue
with the treatment. i hope he won't mind being a little 'bald' on the ass...at leat for a while.

i could sense that sumoki knows of my impending departure, and it showed. he is rather moody and tends to cling on to me more regularly.

and the fact of his habit of sleeping with me, on my bed every night, will not make matters easier too for him.

and for me too.

:: moody sumoki - with chichi the hard rock cafe tokyo gorilla looks on ::


Ah 9 said...

alot of bloggers have cats...i love cats. Hur hur

SooHK said...

umm its must be something related to great bloggers... cats...cats... cats..

Miss Mumble said...

busy packing...??

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