Tuesday, June 14, 2005

:: mp3 make-over ::

i really dislike the warp-speed of technology changes.

just last march , yours truly bought himself an mp3 player, after years of the pre-historic mini-disc . and as usual, being an idiotic individualistic, he chose a Sony instead of iPod of Zen.

why? it's made in japan lah...that's why, but no...seriously it's because of my indifference to anything that is common (read: rebonded hair) and it was the first time that sony ever embarked on the mp3 format instead of its own "atrac-whatever media" (which was able to produce high quality digital sound and saving disk space at the same time).

it is also big in storage at 20 GB and functions as an external hard disk too. and lastly, it is light and small compared to its class and it is very, very robust...with hard disk protection technology.

but now, they are releasing a better version (and cuter too) of the player.. it was already released in usa and japan though...and it will hit our shores real soon.

.and damn, what to do?

so think, think think...should i sell the old one and buy another one instead, how?

buy new one, waste money, as i would rather use that money for my airfare to hong kong or tokyo...more fun, even though it has shorter life span of funtertainment.

so, instead of getting tired of my old toy, i have decided to give it a makeover....and the results are not bad...dont' you think so?

before - boring dully silver...

after - karate chop suey leh...

so now, uncle here can try to look hip with this eh?


Miss Mumble said...

i tell u wat..
u nak lagi hip??
u sedekah tt one to me and go get yrsekl a new one lah..
chek pon dah bengkrap kan..tak mampo beli baru, nohh..:D

SooHK said...

Me too, now creative came out with a brand new.. one 20 GB... the 5GB also smaller.... and more up to date..

aGent X said...

miss mumbles - amboi! banyak cantik muka akak! (boleh tahan, jambu jugak..heheh) bengkrap tak apo...tapi enjoy dan gerek kan!

soohk - it's the risk that we all have to take, i guess...'kena played out' many times liao..like this.

Barffie said...

Eeeyur. JEALOUS!

joel said...

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