Sunday, June 26, 2005

:: Movie Baton ::

Received the movie baton from Sookhk so here are my stories :

Total Number of films I own on DVD/Video

I think about 500 plus or so...never kept a database although it was an ambition that I once had.

The Last Film I Bought
Dare Mo Shiranai (Nobody Knows) - A Japanese flick which the child actor won the Best Actor Award in Cannes Film Festival 2004. It is a moving helluva of movie!

Five Films I Watch A Lot/Mean a Lot to Me
1. Grease (1978)
- I watched it over 20 times since I was 7 years old...enough said!
2. Love Letters (Japanese - 1995) - I dunno why I cried like an overgrown baboon when I watched this.
3. Shall We Dance (Japanese - 1996) - This has motivated me enough to take up ballroom dancing. The American version with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez is absolute crap!
4. In The Mood For Love (Fa Yeung Nin Wa) (Chinese - 2000) I know many found this movie to be dreary and slow, but due to personal events that have happened when I watched this, I felt very much like the protagonist Chow Mo-Wan (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and could understand him perfectly.
5.The Sixth Sense (1999) I am awed! Enough said :D

I am passing the movie baton to no one...hehehe, being lazy.


Wabbit said...

U so kind...never pass on the baton ..but i tagged u leh...LoL.. :P

aGent X said...

wabbit - you wait.. give me work just when i was about to take a nap ...

SooHK said...

Hahaha, thanks mate...