Friday, June 03, 2005

:: sgblogconspiratorists at work::

this is getting out of hand, the sgblogconspiracy that is.

i should not have blogged about my impending reservist in august and the fact that i will be 'on duty' for the national day because the conspirators have found out and told me boss about it....

i don't know what the conspirators did to influence my boss so that i cannot go for my diligent and 'on-the-ball' reservist (and thus, free show) during the NDP, but i could sense it that it has to do with the 'convention' coming up soon.

my boss wanted me to do my reservist during that convention week, which means, i cannot attend that event-to-meet-xiaxue-and-sillycelly....marangkusheebye!

i could smell mr miyagi's involvement in this, maybe since he being an ace silencer in the elite military , he cannot stand the sight of a reservist cop like me walking around and looking macho in the tight uniform during NDP while oggling at pretty babes and getting lots of free food and tell people not to cross the road anyhow...., when he has to go to 'real army exercise' at the outbacks without any 'chio-bus' to look at for days... :D

from now on, anything that don't happen as planned, i will blame sgblogconspiracy as they said " all your blog are belonged to gahmen".

Et tu Brutus?

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SooHK said...

Oh my god you miss seeing xiaxue, sillycelly ....