Tuesday, June 07, 2005

:: interview marathons ::

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throughout my working life, i have the (dis)honour of interviewing so many people that sometimes, when i bumped into familiar faces, they would come up to me and exchange pleasantries and from there, i will remember where we have 'met'.

the transaction will just end there. no more follow ups and 'keeping in touch' and perhaps, we will never meet again - at least in this lifetime.

however, i have often tried my best to update every job applicants with the outcome of their interviews since i would like to have a very clear conscience mind -- should i ever bump into them on the streets in god-knows when.

so far, it has been paying off pretty well.

it since has been few years since i last had to conduct many job interviews. i am playing on the opposite side of the camp right now, with my current job.

other than my initial interviews to be accepted for this job, i have to be 'interviewed' by our clients for every single projects. the purpose was to give them the 'comfort factor' of my worthiness and assessment of my competencies to the tasks at hand. mostly, these 'interviews' are via conference and video calls. my 'interviewers' could be anywhere in paris, london or bangkok so far and the outcome could be decided almost immediately.

sometimes, they liked me while other times, they do not. c'est la vie, i am ok with that.

on my part, sometimes i want to be 'liked' while at other times, i do not want that assignment at all. life is pretty strange as the projects which you hoped of not being selected, but it turned out well and vice versa. there are times when the customers would want to bring me on, only to be 'pushed' by the cost factors and they will get another of my colleagues from the malaysia office.

i am treating all this like a game so far, and i am already a 'seasoned' job applicant. sometimes i wonder if i have lost the 'passion' to be interviewed anymore. i am become no longer 'a fresh meat' in the flash parade (unlike years ago, when i went to a cabin crew interview...all fresh and young, eager and excited..parading our 'flesh' to the panel of interviewers - but that was another story).

right now, it is all an act, really...because the things that are to be said, have been said so many times before. just smile, look fresh and eager...sound positive, that is all part of the interview game. but the only thing different between my interviews and those real-job seekers is that, i already have a job, but i need to give the assurance to my clients that "yes, take me...i am worthy of my rates that you will have to pay...i provide good work, professional, decent and cute...heheh..."

i am feeling like an old whore at times, with all these 'acts'.

no, make it an old mistress.


SooHK said...

Aiyah need to be interview by the client... wow. So far, I have only send the resume to the client..

aGent X said...

soohk - you vicious head-hunter har?