Monday, August 16, 2004

:: 2 weddings and a new dad ::

>-the chain gang-<

leslie dearest takes good photos and her email today to inform us that her pixs for yaz's weddding are now online.

and that reminded me with a lot of things.

i wanted to write all about the wedding which took place last month. i had even took pixs for the food-tasting at Tepak Sireh Restaurant 3 days before the event, more pixs during the solemnization in their comfy new home and lagi more pixs during the wedding dinner - with the historical kampong gelam palace as the backdrop for the beautiful evening.

there were so many things that i wanted to write. the venue (being a historical site of the palace of the malay empire before raffles), the mood, emotions, the pre-wedding dinner 'drinks' at mas' loft, the thou-shall-not-be-a-bitch-tonight-incident,etc, etc and of course MARIA (well, that's another story).

after all, yaz is one of my bestest friends.

but, after spending so much energies for the wedding, the post-wedding drinks after that and the work day the folowing day - i had lost the 'kick' to write them. it will not be the same,

But i guess, i had seen it all, and i believe that is enough. thanks for the pixs to remind me of that day.

it has been a hectic year for most of us in the gang - we had 2 weddings this year and a new dad. the same gang is the people that i had known since college in 1989, and i believe, they will be my friends for life.

cheers people!.

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